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Parker Highlander PLLC has dedicated its corporate giving to Mother’s Milk Bank at Austin. This charity was selected by team vote in 2012. Since then, Parker Highlander has been proud to continually renew and maintain our support.

One in eight babies is born too early. Premature infants are six to ten times more likely to acquire life-threatening intestinal infections during the first weeks of life if fed infant formula instead of human milk.

Charitable Care Program

Since its incorporation in 1999, the Mothers’ Milk Bank at Austin makes sure that all babies who need donor human milk receive it. The founders of the MMBA, Drs. George Sharpe and Sonny Rivera, agreed that if a health care provider determined that any baby had a medical need for donor human milk they would receive it regardless of insurance coverage or financial resources. Milk Money, MMBA’s Charitable Care Program was born in 1999 and continues to grow. Funded by individual, corporate, and foundation funding, this program dispenses approximately $140,000 of donor human milk annually – and then the MMBA work to raise the money.


The Mothers’ Milk Bank at Austin is a non-profit organization whose mission is to accept, pasteurize, and dispense donor human milk by physician prescription primarily to premature and ill infants.

MMBA is one of the largest non-profit milk banks in the US, and a national and international leader in milk banking.

In 2014, MMBA:

  • Pasteurized and dispensed more than 470,000 ounces of donor human milk—to hospitalized infants and babies at home with a medical need for milk
  • Provided donor human milk to over 128 hospitals in Texas and 22 other states
  • Provided milk to 57 medically needy outpatients, 50% of whom received milk through the Charitable Care Program to cover the milk processing fees
  • Screened and approved 686 milk donors

Meet a Recipient

A son was to be born in July of 2011, and his parents were thrilled. Excitement, nervousness, and pride were frequent emotions, but then expectations were destroyed. Baby Mauricio was born 12 weeks early. At just a bit more than two and a half pounds, he would spend the next nine months in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) fighting for his life. His mom, supported by NICU lactation consultants, successfully developed a small amount of breast milk – enough to initially feed her precious son until he became too ill to take her milk. Donor human milk became necessary after a life-threatening intestinal illness and multiple complications. Five surgeries later, Mauricio finally was able to go home.

Receiving donor milk while home furthered his recovery and growth, and Mauricio was finally able to transition off of milk onto other feeding substances at fourteen months of age.

Mauricio’s parents are thankful to the milk donors who made it possible to keep Mauricio on human milk feedings until 14 months; and they are grateful to the financial donors whose generous gifts provided more than $10,000 worth of milk to their precious baby.

Want to know more?

See the Mother’s Milk Bank at Austin blog online.

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  • 1120 S. Capital of Texas Highway
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  • Austin, TX 78746
  • Phone: 512-334-2900